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Cancellation & Refund

Subscription Cancellation Policy:

Client can request cancellation for his/ her subscription anytime, just ask your account manager handling your account.

Client can request for a refund under the following conditions:

There is an error with the transaction.
There is a misunderstanding or miscommunication with our sales executive.
Your expectation for the promised services is different from what is being delivered.
You realized you do not like what we are offering.
There is a presumed misrepresentation.
You do not recognize ordering this service.

Note: Full refund request is possible only within 14 days after the delivery of the soft copy of this contract.


In the assumption all communication of the service provider are up-to-date with all of the digital marketing and optimization efforts rendered. A request for refund is still possible prorated to the remaining scheduled workout not yet provided. The amount paid for the ORDER SERVICE less the number of man hours already rendered and ad placement marketing expenses. If the clients wish to choose this option, an email to request should be sent to the Service Provider. A response not later than 48 hours will be provided with details and computation of the amount that will rebate back.

A full refund is possible after 6 months if it is proven our digital marketing efforts did not do any search results for the client.

Confirmation and schedule of refund request will be finalized by the communication of the Sales Executive signatory of this contract.

Assigned Account Manager

We have trained customer service officers who are technically equipped as a digital marketing campaign seo specialist. Every subscriber will have their own special account manager dedicated in handling schedules of service delivery, providing progress reporting and take your call even in their personal capacity.


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